The Croatian Psalter

Croatian Psalter is a project of the Center for Biblical Research (CBI) for collecting the historical biblical translations of the Psalms in Croatian language. These translations will be transcribed from original manuscripts. Some of these translations have been made but were never published, (e.g. Antun Vranić or Ignac Kristijanović), and these manuscripts will be transcribed and published separately, and in the end they will constitute the whole body of “Croatian Psalter.”

Another section of the “Croatian Psalter” is consisted of translations that have been published, but had not been reprinted in recent times (e.g. Luka Bračanin, Bartol Kašić, Ivan Matija Škarić) and because of that are not available to the general and academic public. These manuscripts would be adapted to modern spelling conventions, without interfering with the very language of the translation.

A third section is consisted of translations in the Burgenland Croatian standard language. Although this is not a historical translation, reprinting such issues would contribute to the understanding of the width and the wealth of Croatian biblical translation tradition.

Each of these issues will be accompanied by a glossary of less known words, biblical names, professional critical texts and scholarly apparatus in which the historical circumstances of the translations will be explained. Also, the features of translations in relation to the theology of biblical Psalms and Hebrew original, stylistic and linguistic features, and principles of transcribing will be explained.

Four translations of the Book of Psalms have been published so far:

1) Translation: Antun Vranić (1816.)
Year of publishing: 2017.
Dialect: kajkavian (kajkavski)

2) Translation: Gradišćanski hrvatski jezik (2014.)
Year of publishing: 2018.
Dialect: contemporary burgenland Croatian (suvremeni gradišćanskohrvatski)

3) Translation: Luka Polovinić – Bračanin (1598.)
Year of publishing: 2020.
Dialect: chakavian-shtokavian (čakavsko-štokavski)

4) Translation: fra Silvije Grubišić (1975.)
Year of publishing: in edita
Dialect: contemporary Croatian (suvremeni hrvatski)