About Us

Center for Biblical Research

CBI is department of Bible Institute / Biblijski institut (BI) in Zagreb. Its beginnings go back to 2013.


  1. To encourage public, personal and private reading of the Bible in hope of better understanding of the Holy Scriptures,
  2. to promote research of the Croatian historical biblical translations and historical biblical heritage in general,
  3. to be part of public communication and media about the Holy scriptures,
  4. to renew the significance of the Bible and its values in Croatian society.


Realizing these goals takes place through:

  1. Biblical Hebrew Course I and II
  2. Biblical Workshops
  3. Round Tables
  4. Bible Series
  5. Publications/ Biblica Croatica
  6. Symposiums

Biblica Croatica

This is publication series concentrated on printing  and publishing reprints of old historical biblical editions and translations, and publishing of academic papers in the field of Croatian biblical heritage.

The first publication in this series is The Croatian Psalter.


CBI resources includes the collection of Holy Scriptures in Croatian language, large amount of Croatian Bibles and translations from different cultural translation periods (primary bibliography); access to large amount of academic papers, books, thesis, and other academic literature about Croatian translations and translators of the Bible in Croatian history (secondary literature).


CBI is in partnership with, or cooperates with several organizations and institutions. Among them are Croatian Biblical Society (Hrvatsko biblijsko društvo), Protestant Evangelical Council / Protestantsko evanđeosko vijeće and academical institutions like University of Zagreb, and other higher educational institutions.